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Willow furniture, also known as bentwood or twig furniture has been made for centuries and dates back to Ancient China.  River willow trees grow wild along the Colorado River beds and are naturally hearty.

Potential furniture cuttings are carefully selected; much skill and time from the initial cut to the final preparation is required for each piece of our unique Colorado River Willow Furniture. offers the finest selection of handcrafted patio furniture crafted for a lifetime.  Artisans and end users appreciate the durability of outdoor willow furniture from the Colorado River.

Available in a variety of styles for your porch, veranda, parlor, sun room, deck, cabin, cabana, cottage, lodge, clubhouse, great room, garden, patio, courtyard, backyard, spa, pool or private beach.

We also make children’s willow furniture, display willow furniture (miniature or toy), tables, ramadas, pavilions, doors and fences., embraces the motto “we make it, because we grow it” and we produce products for high-end landscape projects using the Lower Colorado River as a totally renewable resource. 

Our sturdy and rugged outdoor furniture, adds a great touch to almost any décor.  We would love to talk to you about any special projects or designs you may have in mind for the magnificent beauty of our handcrafted Colorado River Willow Furniture.


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